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Wellness Module

Healthy lifestyle is closely related to wellness. Wellness refers to a fine balance of the mind-body and spirit that would result in a person’s overall feeling of well being. It is an integration of physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and occupational aspects of life. It is commonly conceptualized in the following 7 dimensions:

Physical Wellness: Maintaining a flexible and aerobically fit body; active prevention of body injury and illness; pursuit of healthy eating habits
Intellectual Wellness: Critical thinking applied to social, cultural and political issues; exploratory appreciation of creative arts.
Emotional Wellness: Mature management and expression of emotions; development of a realistic self concept.
Spiritual Wellness: Clear purpose of life; awareness of values and beliefs as related to behavior.
Social Wellness: Effective interpersonal communication; acceptance of human diversities; interest in friendship networking and community welfare.
Environmental Wellness: Capability to live in a clean and safe environment that is not detrimental to health.
Occupational Wellness: Setting of career goals; adequate job search skills; career planning and development.

The WELLNESS module is one of the core components of the Healthy Lifestyle Course to enhance understanding of your wellness. Events include:

1. Online Intake Survey: You will obtain 1 course hour attendance for this required component.
2. Health & Fitness Assessments for you to understand your current health and fitness conditions: You will obtain a total of 2 course hours attendance for this required component.
3. Online Wellness Assessment through the Mood and Stress Assessment (DASS) to help you understand your performance in different dimensions of wellness and further enhance your personal development. You will receive 1 course hour attendance for this required component.

Online Exit Survey to collect views about your first year experience at HKUST for a better quality of undergraduate education. You will receive 1 course hour attendance for this required component.